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Major (2019)

You can stream or download the whole album here or get the cross-fade version here. Or just stream it on YouTube here.
Front-cover of “Major”

Dear is a song I composed throughout 2018 and finally finished it when I met an ex-friend I really liked.

You can listen to it here.

This song was meant to be a ‘i don’t care but i do’ feeling giver. When you state yourself that you’ll be stronger and won’t allow anybody hurt you emotionally, and still get fucked over when least expect it. Good thing is that re-listening to the song reminds me each time where should I rollback and think of the consequences of what I allow myself happen.

By the end of the song, a tragedy happens, which is followed by Sun.


Sun is so good that hurts when too much.

You can listen to it here.

Sun is the middle of a tragedy. The bass play in the song is violent and the ambience is unique, until chorus hits in, and something starts to feel off. This song is dedicated to one of my ex-friends I really got attached to, at a traumatizing level (from my perspective), and the run-time play sound of the song is very much of how our friendship advanced. Smooth, then grudge then smooth as it’s over.


Moon. Hey, that’s me.

You can listen to it here.

The song symbolizes me coming back on track after a traumatic experience. The path I followed on my own and how I assured myself that things are eventually gonna be fine. Very tough kicks of the song represent statements of myself saying “stop, get over this”, undertone kicks boosting things up.

Back-cover of “Major”

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