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Land (2013)

Note: I don't give out the whole album because few songs have my voice in it - which sounds too awful.
Front-cover of “Land”

Land is the first song I produced after a previous little album, which was my first project I attempted to create, while learning to do music production with FL Studio.

You can listen to it here.

I was in Italy at the time of producing/composing Land. My mom’s been living there for a while now and I went to her in my school holiday, in summer. I was very happy, vulnerable and social on Facebook groups and had plenty likes to my posts (not giving a shit now, but it’s cute to remember). The main story of the song is populated by emotions, so does all of my produced songs. I loved euphoria feelings and breakdowns in songs. I felt inspired by few Romanian songs at the time, the dance vibe, saxophone, reverb and overlapping emotional (for me) musical lines.

I honestly don’t remember much of the process; like if anybody was involved at the time of writing the song, but I know I was happy and I also made a home-made music video for Land of me and my mum going to Genova, Italy sea. Here are few shots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


Wine is one of the songs I put in full emotion.

You can listen or download it here.

And a professional Romanian female singer named Gloria gave me feedback saying that the song is actually really nice.

Not sure it’s much to say other than I was so in love with this song, I had to put it from my first previous album project in Land.


Gangsta is awful tbh.

You can’t listen to it here.

Well, the song is mainly ‘dubstep’ and it has plenty of my voice samples in it. I tried to do something more than I knew I could do, even though I’ve never seen myself unironically do dubstep music.

I wrote it at my cousin’s house, when I was living with her and her parents on a summer day. I remember I finished the song all excited, right before me and my cousin and family friends went to a local football match in the country-side city we lived in. (Remetea Mica, Timisoara, Romania)


Thrifty is chill and quite nice actually, at least how it starts and the break of the song (2:55).

You can listen to it here.

I feel I wanted to mimique professional music, having regular melodic rules. I have no recall or memory of when/how/why I wrote this song whatsoever. It probably was at a time I didn’t pay attention much of things nor much stuff has happened. It’s probably a filler song too.


Pound is another emotional song for me. I remember I was quite heartbroken for some reason at the time. Also known as a filler song.

Don’t consider it’s an important song, so I won’t link to it, except if I get requests through my contact page (why would anybody do that, don’t know, but just saying).


Forward is a filler song. No backstory really.

I might add, I enjoyed the beeping sounds much.


Cañta is a sad song. It’s a full experience of mine with somebody I loved.

You can listen to it here.

This song is one of the most special songs and important in inspiration aspects, to me. I cried listening to the ambience of it, I considered it as ‘this is how my soul would sound like’. I cannot perfectly recall, but I am sure I was in Italy at the time of composing this. I was so hyped and excited to share it with Facebook individuals, I got almost 200 views and 7 likes! Yay.

I wrote this song right after Land actually. Then realized that they both fit in an album category, so I decided to create Land, the album.


NELLA is probably my best achievement in that ‘era’. I loved and still love this song enormously.

You can listen to it here.

This song in particular has helped me go through few rougher times of my life. Reminded me of my heights and what I should care about. It reminded me how I should use ignorance as an advantage.

I love the synths and everything seems to match up perfectly as I would redo the song in the today’s days (except better mastering).


Guest is one of the songs of me having no emotional anxiety for a week straight, then falling right back in the Canta mood.

You can listen to it here.

Gladly I got to produce something it has been emotionally mirroring my ‘badass’ feelings. The ‘wallpaper’ in the video is of a picture taken in a plane, flying with my mom to Italy in one of the other summers.

That’s it.


New Era is quite of a weird song, but it’s another ‘badass’ feeling song.

Side note, been listening to each song I was writing about each, then listened to this one, and recognized I said something about Lady Gaga.


Land (Remix) is, uh, yeah.

You can listen or download it here.

I just loved the original so much, I remastered it and gave it an extended vibe to it.


Natural is also a filler song. Has some club vibes to it, but not really special.

The name Natural is inspired by another older song of mine which I do not have anymore, lost with all my other projects and backups. Probably my first song I ever tried to compose.


Good Day (Remake) is an angel song. One of my most beloved song (to myself).

You can listen or download it here.

I love the melodical lines and it has been boosting my spirit ever since.

This is a remake of an older version which has been in the first little album. I loved it so much I remade it just because it is pleasing for me to listen to.


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