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Changes (2015)

You can stream or download the whole album here. Or just stream it on YouTube here.
Front-cover of “Changes”

Clouds is my proudest work so far.

You can listen to it here.

In sync, proud and goals with loads of motivation. The production was cheap, but the richness of my inspiration and ambition has pronounced EXACTLY what I wanted to put out. I imagined the song before producing it and it sounded the exact same. Produced it while living with my mother, before knowing my current boyfriend. That being a time in my life when I traveled a lot, been quite lonely, but I was embracing feeling alone, as a thing that helps me, giving me what I needed.

Fucking 10/10

Mime is meant to be a welcoming blessing.

You can listen to it here.

Composed and produced the song while going to this German-learning course, beginning of June of 2015, at the time when I first met my boyfriend. I don’t know what best things should be, but that definitely has been the best part of my life (so far).

This song is my and my boyfriend’s anthem. I know it’s cliché, but that shouldn’t be something negative. We used to listen to this song every-time we would meet (each month until December, when we finally moved in together). Mime is fully inspired by my love and happiness for him.

I love you/10
Back-cover of “Changes”

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