Legal & Copyright

I believe it’s a fair thing to write down a statement for the content I’m ‘promoting’ or distributing. Most of the content is original, from personal text-posts to development screenshots, mainly of the self-made projects I’m working on occasionally. The content that isn’t original isn’t meant to be less credited, highlighting or overriding it’s meaning even though I usually let people know the context about the media/posts when using them.

I don’t mean to steal or manipulate other people’s content in any way. This is a free to view or research website/blog with no other intentions than listing input of my personal and professional life, mind and intuition.


  • My Own Content / Music, video and image, I do not allow reposting, manipulating and/or re-uploading my work from this website to other sources.
  • TV Show Content / Context of the blog post, searching by the name of the shows will lead you to the providers.