Partyformer (Video Game)

Side project with ChaseDown, Partyformer is a platformer party game based on levels, rich mechanics and tricks. Available on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Builds are available to download, so try to have some fun.


The levels are currently few (at the build #11) and very unfinished. The game is quite well polished, for everything it gives. Game mechanics are in and well functional.

Shot from current build (#11) of Level 1: Randomness


The game mechanics are plenty. Funny enough, the player controller is all from Unity’s Standard Assets, just a little bit tweaked, removed cursor visibility feature from it, because I control it by myself from the global Cursor Manager and stopping it’s motion when the game IsPaused. I implemented MountableObject code from ChaseDown which allows me to keep an object on place when it’s sitting on something that’s moving.


I’ll start with Triggers, which are most used in the game. The triggers are when sitting on specific platforms or trigger colliding with specific coloured balls, something happens. They’re used frequently for checkpoints and winning spots.

EaseTrigger is for stopping the player’s velocity and angularity. FloorTrigger is used only for the floor, so when the player hits the floor, calls Fail (). MovePlatformTrigger is used for the platform MovePlatform, that when it’s touched by the player, the platforms moves at a specific point that’s set. ObjectDelayTrigger holds properties and settings for objects that are plugged in for them to happen when triggered. Like, hide a platform and activate something else at the same time. PushTrigger is like a booster mainly. When triggered, the player receives AddForce call to the strength set for the trigger. SwitchTrigger is interactible, so when sitting on it, shows the UI which tells you that you can do something. Mainly used when calling a moving platform. TeleportTrigger is what it says. When interacting with it, moves the player to a specific point with a nice teleporting vfx. WinTrigger is when the map ends, shows the leaderboard of your stats and actions you can apply to be doing.

QR Codes

I implemented the QR code wrapper from Github with MIT license, so I can put them into my game. I use them for easter egg messages, passwords for levels with codes in random levels for far in the future levels, developer notes (probably), and stuff like that.

Yeah, you need to get a QR Code scanner. 🙂