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Major part of my childhood and young adulthood I’ve been spending time creating music for myself. With the attempt to actually do something that would be public pleasing or okay commercially, I failed mid-way and haven’t tried since. It has been 2015 when my computer wiped and since then, I haven’t felt strong enough emotionally nor inspired, to actually do it again, until 2018.

This is a catalog of my songs each by each with description of what my mind state has been at the time and how I was living like. There will also be few demo tracks which made it, which I usually sent to friends of mine at the time to ask their opinion about stuff I was doing.

Here’s the backstories of Land, Glove and Changes.


I’ve done music involuntarily and not sure how it naturally caught my interest, but;

I got FL Studio 9 from one of my childhood best friends and I honestly fucking loved it instantly. At the time I didn’t have much access to the internet, just limited data (not like 5 GB limit, then it runs slower, the internet didn’t work whatsoever when over the limit).

So I started trying to replicate certain beats of Romanian songs I loved at the time, then add some instruments, and things started making sense real fast for me. I haven’t watched a single tutorial of FL Studio anywhere in all these 7+ years.

Later on, I tried out Ableton Live which has helped me produce few of my songs. I only used it to produce specific sound bars for the final song which all are in FL Studio. “We Can’t Chill (Chill)” (the noisiness synths, “tube rub” sounds), “Breakwave” and “Clouds” (the “rock” sample guitar at the start of the song) as far as I can remember.

Albums & ‘Singles’

Chronologically listed albums are:

  • Land under SRSInc. Watchout (2013)
    1. Land
    2. Wine
    3. Gangsta
    4. Thrifty
    5. Pound
    6. Forward
    7. Cañta
    8. Nella
    9. New Era
    10. Land (Remix)
    11. Natural
    12. Good Day
  • Glove under SRSInc. Watchout (2014)
    1. We Can’t Chill
    2. Breakwave
    3. Memorable
    4. Zefir
    5. Avy
    6. Glove
    7. Evryka
    8. Train
    9. Victory
    10. Nella (Glove Remix)
    11. TXT
    12. K.E.L.O. (Kombat End Love Out)
    13. Borday
    14. Termos
    15. Wine
    16. Alone With You
  • Changes under City of The U (EP) (2015)
    1. Clouds
    2. Mime
    3. Bleu
    4. Au Revoir
    5. Erect
  • Major under City of The U (2019)
    1. Dear
    2. Sun
    3. Moon

Chronologically listed singles are:

  • Night released on YouTube on 14th January, 2015 under SRSInc. Watchout. Listen to it here.
  • RMS released on YouTube on 5th February, 2015 under SRSInc. Watchout. Listen to it here.
  • TXT (Remix) released on YouTube on 14th April, 2015 under SRSInc. Watchout. Listen to it here.
  • 0N produced on 27th March, 2017 under City of The U. You can download it here.
  • Chill produced on 8th June, 2018 under City of The U. You can download it here.
  • Dear produced on 1st May, 2018 under City of The U. You can download it here.
  • Dear (Mix) produced on 15th December, 2018 under City of The U. You can download it here.

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