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ChaseDown — Devblog 9

Optimizations, new inventory look, baseline for wearable items (clothes and accessories) and few background fixes.

Wearable Items

Follow-up from viewmodel player controller, able to wear physical accessories which impacts gameplay, seems to be a good idea. The main reason stands for being able to cover yourself when is cold, but NPCs or environment can be affected by the way you look. If you dress up in girl’s clothes, you’ll be considered a transvestite and be shot at.

Wearing items will increase your look appeal as well.

New Inventory UI

This has stayed on my mind for a long time, since I began the game actually – had no clue where to aim this game at and tried to figure out the look of it. It began inspired by Rust’s UI which came along well, still major mechanics are reinterpreted. The new inventory will allow myself to add more quantity + quality to the game, easy to use inventory with items that have actions, widgets of interactive items, an actual player preview panel where you can place accessories on, under which mega stats of the player are listed.

Mega Stats (Idea)

They’re just game stats of an object that’s respecting complex behavior, for instance; objects have values of temperature, which can affect their well being over time.

Reasons I’ve Been Late

I’ve been sick most of the month and I really didn’t give a shit about the project. Until about the end of the month, when I implemented some fixes and changed the inventory UI.


Added Eyeglasses
Added Sunglasses
Added wearable system (clothes, accessories)
Updated inventory UI

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