Motivation Loss

Oh well, will try to write this post with no negative feelings.

November to early December has been two hell months. It’s the days I’ve almost entirely debalanced myself and lost control over my optimism and/or feelings overall; of course, overriding it with stress, harsh and numb states, could not focus and felt under everyone. I consider I picked myself up in pieces, I did not show many signs of what I was experiencing, but I did not have had such anxiety since high-school.


I did seek that too, my boyfriend’s been here for me the whole time, since we are living together. I tried making new friends on some social-media applications, found few worthy people to talk too, at least at the first glance, and let myself driven by that, as a core fix for myself and anxiety at the time.

Never do that though when you’re in such a state, don’t depend.


As of now, it’s been few days since I started writing this post, I didn’t know what really to tell here, but oh well, everything’s a rollercoaster.

See a therapist?