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ChaseDown — Devblog 8

Multi-choice interactions, melees, cars, sound and optimizations.

Camera Movement

This may have been noticed on lower frame-rate, the updating per frame was made twice on the camera’s transform position and rotation. Now that I fixed that, it’s updating all in one call. What you’ll notice is the orbit is more direct and catches up with the rotation and camera position better.


While working over the interaction system, had to go through all interactible objects and check that colliders are properly set, so I added few interaction options to couches, speakers, a new bottle I added for you to flip, lights and chandelier.

Multi-Choice Interaction

I felt this was necessary, it would open a lot of doors to new features I wanna bring in. Now you can do more things to an specific object. Go close and look at the object and the options menu will show up.

It currently automatically pops up and stops player orbiting while interacting with an object, which is annoying, I know. Next month I’ll be fixing that.


Added melee support, which means you can now hit or stab things in the world. The viewmodel doesn’t play any animation when hitting, but I’ll probably add that next month.

Moving Surface Movement

Inspired by Rust’s latest mechanism addition, I’ve been experimenting for the player or world objects be able to properly stay attached onto moving surfaces. This brings up good possibilities, like adding a carousel, boat you can walk on and visit and more ideas to come.


I felt some metadata and information about creators of the game and general terms had to be added, so the project feels complete with information related to it’s development, so I added an End-User License Agreement. Along with this, I removed the green branding badge which was entirely copied off of Rust’s screen. There’s no need for that, there’s commands to print developer informations.


I’ve split texture bundles based on their packed file size and count, it feels more right to have less mega files in the build data.


I added 2 types of cars (it’s just one, just different material, don’t let yourself pranked), driveable and they honestly feel awesome to drive them, try it out. The main premise of the this addition is to add the possibility of hit and run. NPCs will be able to drive these cars from a destination to another.

They’re damageable and can explode.

The fuel will be very expensive but will last a quite long,

With this, I also added a speedometer gauge in the corner down-right of the screen, which shows up when driving a car.


The manager has been reworked and rewrote in it’s own DLL plugin, that allows me as a developer to use the system in other projects as well. Nothing else major has been changed, except that I quickly wrote some nice editor overrides for the sound definitions and the manager, makes it easy to add and manage sounds in game.


  • Banks. I’ll be adding banks which will have an outside ATM where you can get money from your account (the amount under your health shown in-game).
  • Re-balancing. Not entirely, but what’s more important. I don’t yet know exactly what items should the game have besides weapons, melees and tools. I’ll probably come up to snacks, sodas and more unhealthy things to add them in stores (actual stores, with shelves where you can go shopping, inside). Everything that’s bad in real life should be good in-game.


Added Car Motor UI Gauge Added Driveable Cars (+ damageable)
Added EULA when the game enters the menu
Added first pass for Battle Royale experimental map
Added Melee viewmodels
Added multi-choice interactions
Camera underwater FX enables accurately (water wave height)
Fixed custom button color changer
Fixed old bug of camera rotation being updated before position
Rewrote sound manager
Splitted large bundles (textures)
Updated plugins Upgraded to Unity 2018.2.13f1