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ChaseDown — Devblog 7

Added weather system, more water rework, accurate buoyancy.

Water 4.5+

I decided the current water sucked (from build #500, last devblog), so I replaced it with Unity Standard Asset, Water4 Advanced. I reworked the code and optimized a lot.

It had some expected issues with it since it wasn’t dynamic-light friendly, so I had to write some hacky stuff for it to look acceptable at day and night. The water refraction and foam intensity are lerped based on the Time Of Day’s time and it’s not requiring much performance.

Found a way to get the height if the wave at position, so the objects are literally riding the waves.


After updating the water, I decided to add some ambience and feel to the water, to find a better use of it, so I added three all-physics driveable boats. One of them being the first prototype, just white cubes and cylinders.

You can go to a boat and request to drive it, sit the player on one of boat’s seats and gaining control to drive it. It’s all physics based, so might be annoying when getting stuck. I’ll probably add some force to rotate the boat back if upside-down. Might as well add damage to it, when hitting land or is being shot at, will make it sink.


High priority on the list for a while. It works along with the sky system, water system, wind and visual effects. It transitions between presets, giving a pretty neat effect I’d say. I also quickly added weather events along the way, so, stormy or rainy presets actually have rain and easy to add mist or fog.

Next month I’ll probably implement so the weather is quite realistic at times. In the evening is expected to be extreme storms, and at day, clear, very clear or just stormy. So to say, automatic weather.


I’ve been thinking about adding smelling zones. In-game smell that affects the player and can remember specific areas of the world by it.


Added 2 Boats (+1 prototype, driveable) 
Added player drowning (after 3 seconds with face underwater)
Added Rain
Added Weather (4 different presets)
Fixed some NRE in Modding Manager
Rewrote entire ocean/water system
Updated and fixed buoyancy
Updated Plugins

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