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ChaseDown — Devblog 3

More useless stuff in! This month I added few new items and environmental objects.

New Content

  • Added a new item (which comes along with a controller item for the parent item) which is Detonating Bomb. You can throw a bomb somewhere in the game, and once threw, you’ll get a new item in the inventory, which is the controller, wearable and can trigger the bomb with it using shooting button by default.


  • Added a Turret. It shoots Pistol Colt bullets, giving that type of damage and it attacks the player and player-like NPCs. They only can rotate on the horizontal axis, for now.


Upgraded to Unity 2018.1.0f2 and I am very pleased of it’s stability and all the new features that were brought in. Like ProBuilder, the general Package Manager. The FPS should be also better now, since I (tried) to properly rebalance quality settings.


Added new trees and bushes! They’re custom made by the SpeedTree Unity Modeller and for now even they kind of suck, they’ll be changed and rebalanced as it plays right.


Fixed few more bugs along with player damage (which wasn’t happening, was broken).

Updated all NPC stopping distances from 0.1f to half a meter (0.5f), so now NPCs should get stuck less with eachother.

Next Month

I’m planning to (finally) add a death screen and a respawning “event” that will make the respawned player lose it all, but still be able to find itself in the city, in the same place it died.


Increased player camera clamping (up- and downwards)
Added detonating bomb remotely item
Fixed NPC related turn on/off issues
Added turret
Added new trees
Added new bushes
Fixed player damage
Updated to Unity 2018.1.0f2
Removed old trees
Updated post processing to v2
Reduced depth of field aperture and blur size
Reduced sharpen visual effect
Imported ProBuilder and used to "Object Debug" scene

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