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Later-use “Addiction”

I’ve been there. I’m still here.

Later-use can be a problem, talking about when developing at least one project at a time. I obsess to create plugins, tools, managers and systems that would plug & play in projects I make but even though I make sure it works out, it totally may be a waste of time; at least it feels like it. I hate it because of the time put into it but I feel productive and that I’m doing the right things. A lot of my past and current projects uses extension plugins and works fine, but I noticed lately I have a specific focus on making sure things can be reusable for later whenever working on specific mechanics in prototype projects, which shouldn’t matter much.

My thoughts exactly

I’m writing this down because this isn’t about the technique, time spent or need. But because of the mindset I started to have and I think it’s unhealthy. I work now on 2 videogames (ChaseDown and Partyformer), 1 software (Chattr) and simultaneously updating at a general need the Humanlights Libraries, mainly the Humanlights.System, which is an extension library filled with very useful file management, randomization, string parsing, handling and many more, radically different for use and very carefully written.

I feel is too much, I code too much. Depending on other projects while working on a specific project, where I should make sure I try to put into it what I best think it should and stay focused.

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