I recently got a tooth out that had no life. It’s the nerve which was removed some years ago and currently the bone on which the tooth was attached to has a hole, which is visible and exposed to air and food can get in – which is dangerous towards infections. I’ve never been in such a problem before, and yes, it is painful.

We’re also moving— packing up, plenty of times of driving things to the new house, and this is enormously frustrating and distracting. I keep being focused though, with the family support and friends who are here for me, giving me advice how to numb the pain and just distracting me from the pain, it does help a lot and makes me see good things in bad situations. The pain fades too, up and down, since I take headache drugs.


In the past month I was the worse person for myself, and could not control my feelings or thoughts. I got in an emotional loop, distracted and affected by some people in my life, attached and overreacted, led to overthinking. Not afraid to admit that I fall. But now, at the time of writing this, I feel better. Managed to can ignore bad things easier in my life as I usually do. To remember qualities, standards and heights. 😀

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