Changing Home

*sigh*… I never thought I’ll have to write this blog post…

And that was some dumb clickbait-y “read more” introduction.

I’m moving to a nearby city (about 15 kilometers in between) and I’m excited, but also in a “meh” state, since I usually get used to things really fast, but not bored. The city is way larger and populated than the previous I lived in. I’m mainly excited for the cafés nearby where I can have my morning Frühstück and maybe make new friends around, visit the touristic points and find my “special” spot in the city. Also excited for the new house, it’s a huge upgrade – from the ground floor to the 4th one.

Got some workplace issues right now, but I wish to make things better and find myself better, develop myself personally and professionally and finally to show the online world what I’m capable of.

Right now I have no explicit plans on what I want to do or show the world, but I am more than sure I’ll find a way or two on showing what I can and release something fun. 2018 will bring more projects that are public worthy rather than experimentation.

I have a really good feeling about these changes, so does my boyfriend.