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Good day!

So, with the moving, we simultaneously received an offer from an ex-colleague of my boyfriend’s, which is immensely not bad, and we got more than we were supposed to do in the end. Got a stronger computer – twice stronger than my previous one and 2 quite stunning same-looking monitors which I fell in love with before even setting them up. Also came with a Wacom tablet, a SteamOS router, great Razer keyboard and plenty of other things that I don’t need, because I already had – an audio system, plenty of HDMI cables and more to enumerate.

The computer is AMD but runs Unity and everything else better than on my other computer. I’ve got some bad background with AMD, even now having issues with my little dumb laptop. Slow working (it also has an SSD on which Windows runs on which doesn’t make things better), graphics glitching or simply lightning not correctly showing as it is on Intel, and as built from Unity. But on the new PC, I apparently have none of those issues, which is great! For game developing, playing or something, it runs perfectly (it runs Rust on medium settings at 60 FPS).

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