Artificial intelligence is more surprising and interesting when developing it, making NPCs or cubes move in unpredicted ways, but do what you’ve written them to do, is quite amazing how the entire thing works and compels with one decision to a random other.

I had this curiosity for a long time, about how AI works and if I’d be able to make cubes move all by themselves, and I did! With featured tools in Unity (NavMesh) it is easy to plug and play, and bake the world’s surface at runtime. For start created a little NPCPlayer script to update it’s actions, transitions and decisions.

What do I want to do

After writing a little plugin (Humanlights.Unity.AI), I brought it in ChaseDown, which I developed the plugin simultaneously as making it work in the game, and in just about one hour I got the ChaseDown thief to move around, following waypoints and avoiding environment obstacles.

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