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ChaseDown — Mega Devblog 11

Jewelry, tweaks, fixes and an item page and many more.

Menu Revamp

I’ve slightly reworked the menu layout, adding more spacing on the top, moving the menu bar in line with the logo, gives a nicer feel.

Game Saving

This has been wrongfully and bug-fully implemented at first, which you could save/load levels through the console, if you were lucky enough to get no game-crash.

By the end of March 2019, to 5th-10th April I’ve revamped the existent code and fulfilled listed things to add and serialize, from states to unique values that needed to be saved and such. I completed the system and now it is very easy to add pre-existent objects in the game by evaluating their initial position and applying an object ID based on the position, state and the seed of the game. From player information (health, wallet and bank account, inventory, held items), to inventory items of all types and containers of items, to world objects, such as item world-models (items threw in the world that can be picked up).

Damageable object states, such as street-sign on/off and broken/destroyed, streetlights, containers and physical positions of world objects (such as hydrant, it can fall over, reloading the save will restore it’s position, making almost everything persistent).

You cannot save the game while being in an apartment because apartments aren’t registered in the save yet. Now that I think of it, I might quickly do it for the next month, so check out the Staging branch for daily builds.


Along the way, I implemented a cheap auto-saving system/manager which allows saving the game in a separate file at specific times or actions you’d do in the game (like making a new transaction, a purchase or getting out an apartment). It also auto-saves every 5 minutes.


This patch comes with few more meaningful items. Very much role-play, but the game has a story and the game-play should follow. Since you’re a thief, you’ll be able to steal or sell jewelry from/to other NPCs for some money. There is a cost range for each one of them, which can be exciting or disappointing.

I recently bought this domain ( and got curious if I can render out in-game details, generating pages of items or whatever. This idea turned out alright so I did a little wrapper which allowed me to create/edit/delete WordPress posts. You can have a look at it here.


Wearable item baseline is almost fully implemented, I just got to spawn the item wearable prefabs in a spawn-point game-object on the player/NPC body and create the UI where you can drag/drop the clothing/accessories. A player preview in the inventory panel is also in the works.

A first preview of wearables:

It’s not in-game this month, but I have hopes to add it in the next or 2 months prior.

Bank Accounts

I implemented a new system/feature in the game. For now it is integrated only with the main player, allowing you to deposit safely money from your wallet. Normally when the player dies, you lose items and the wallet money you had. If depositing your money in the bank account, the money stay with the player even if dying, but have to pay a small fee to can come back to life.


Simply, you can set an amount of money you want to put out of your bank account into your pocket. You need to do this to buy stuff from shops. The maximum amount per transaction is about $1000.


You put money from your pocket into your bank account for online shopping (which isn’t in the game yet) or save for later. The maximum amount per transaction is about $500.


Combined with the bank account system, ATMs allow you to check in or out money as you need through the intuitive menu when interacting with an ATM. It also has really satisfying sounds when executing actions with the ATM, check it out.

There’s a 30 second timeout for each type of transaction that you’re willing to do.

Visual Revamp

I took some time to carefully re-balance shadow cascades and near/far quality of the game (optimize it). I removed couple of forgotten unnecessary updates per frame, which significantly boosts the frame-rate.

“Shity” map has some weird issues with the frame-rate individually, when looking in certain directions, the FPS will drastically lower, then come back when looking away. This does not happen in any other map.


Removed Confetti Tampon, he’s useless. Don’t ask.


I’ve fixed little things in the Humanlights.System and Humanlights.Unity plugins. Not too noticeable, except there was a limitation in the Cursor Manager which has been fixed (dragging items, the cursor is ‘replaced’ with the item icon, which gives a nice vibe I guess).


Added Bank Account
Added Purchase Invoice
Added ATM
Added Wearable baseline
Added Jewelry item type
Added Watch item type
Added Key item type
Added Wearable item type
Added 5 types of Necklaces
Added 5 types of hand Rings
Added 5 types of Earrings
Added Watch (see in-game time)
Added interaction trigger timeout
Added Apartment purchasing
Added global seed
Added object identification
Cleaned up and optimized code
Fixed Cursor Manager bug
Fixed some UI panel logic bugs
Fixed "authentication" mistype
Fixed somethings in Confirmation Dialog
Optimized Player Mechanism
Revamped game saving
Revamped visual post processing presets (less tint)
Removed for-fucking-ever Confetti Tampon
Removed Demo Manager
Removed 'canChangeHotbar' state
Renamed game authority modes
Updated main menu
Updated notification system

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