ChaseDown — Devblog 5

Suddenly, you’re able to enter buildings! From an old idea of mine which I always had in mind now there’s outside and inside which should have a meaningful impact in a player’s course of the game.

Modding & Plugins

Oh boy, haven’t I worked half a month just for this, which is a lot, considering I do a shit load in a small amount of time. I’ve reworked the main compiler at fixed some bugs it had, worked on a “theory” that’ll help to enable modding to future games easier and funner just by plug and play. Along with writing and debugging the compiler, I wrote few plugins that are different and useful in their way. They are mainly for the ChaseGUI plugin, which is just a GUI manager that registers plugins and tabs, easy to tweak options and game settings.


Added few items in, along with the room(s?) that have furniture and some other interactive electronics.

  • Clock: It can be analog or regular. I prefer the smoother one.
  • Lamps: Can be turned on or off. Also broken or destroyed which will disable you ever turning them on.
  • Chandelier: No big deal here, just the big light on the ceiling which uses the same Lamp script, acts the same.


Now apparently you can save games, which includes the world objects and also player properties (like position, rotation, wealth, health and such things) but is not complete yet. It’s just about 43% done. I have hopes for next month to make it somewhat more stable and fun to use, storing game items of the player and anything that’s a loot container.

Upgrade & Optimization

Significant changes were made after I’ve upgraded to Unity 2018.2.0f2. Noticed that the strong frame drops were done by the excessive and multiplied Animators, which were updating every frame for every each 30 of street lights, street signs and so on. Debugged multiple NPCs, they don’t require too much memory or milliseconds to update their thinking and motion, so that opens doors for more complexity (of course, not keeping them braindead).


Not much has been made else than the very improved modding system and the standalone editor. Mainly because on 16th, July I just started working as a software developer, along with that, began my 3-and-something years of programming qualification in a very nice company.


I’ve been thinking to add electricity and apartment rent to the game, but right before that I’ll add ways on getting money, with the NPCs included or not. That might be a huge hop on where the game’s thought going. With that, missions are as important, mission system it’s gonna be in works for the next month.

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