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New Workplace

So, on 16th of July I began working as a programmer to a place near where I live.

My second place I’ve ever worked in and also qualification place which I’m very excited about. It feels promising and looks as well. It feels nice to be around people that care about my knowledge and are tempted to improve it. It’s Tuesday, on 31st of July, third week and is going great! I learned (My)SQL from scratch in the first week, in the second I started doing an online training for ASP.NET Core 2.x which I got into very fast and right now I got my hands on the official production project, and improved/fixed couple of major things.


They’re awesome, I get along very well, and we’re allowed to get our coffee anytime we want, and hang out when they smoke (I don’t). We have meetups and we discuss things mainly in German, but since my knowledge isn’t that strong, they care to explain it to me in English, which is nice and it isn’t considered a problem, they require more English for the programming part.


(For now,) I’m proud of this work and I feel things will get more serious, but in the right direction.


I learned a lot and overthought a lot before and after beginning to work, got myself ready and I feel I handle things easily. It works well as well, I hardly just fall off the balance, especially when I’m around people that support themselves, their work and their colleagues. Brightening the day of someone that’s down is such a nice thing.

Personal Projects

I didn’t stop any of them, I actively work on them even after work, although not a large part of the evening or not as much as before, because life, I still work on ChaseDown, RaulSSorban Libraries, Humanlights Libraries and the others.

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