Projects and Prototyping

I don’t often create prototype games, and that’s a bad thing. ChaseDown is a project that I planned and thought about finishing, as a real project, and the idea of it developed well – always found ways on making the game playable, addicting and interesting.

ChaseDown (video-game)

In the game you got to earn money to get better items, weapons and be richer than the other NPCs. The way of getting there and progressing is meant to be fun and worth to go through the experience. Satisfying in some cases, snappier and realistic in physics (intended). Also, most of environmental objects are destroyable, explosive and can damage other objects, same as the player (yourself).

The game mainly meant to be multiplayer, but had no networking manager and all the functions were just there, to do things, not separate for the client and server. Then tried to write a manager, using Raknet for Unity but didn’t know how to code C++ to write a C# wrapper.

There’s a lot to do and spend time to learn, and being interested into many subjects and branches of programming and game developing, is hard to focus on everything all by myself.

Inventarliste Tool (software)

It’s an application made exclusively for my boyfriend to use at his work. It’s a tool mainly that loads up Excel files and can edit the files through the user interface I made, user friendly and safely saving, backing up official files and quick to use/load.

And pretty customizable in options.

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