Welcome to my blog. Another try-to-keep-it-going blog of mine. Of course, this might end up the same, but I have a solid intention of writing things here.

Maybe a disclamer, I’m going to be honest and pretty personal in this blog’s posts, when it’s about my personal life. Details matter to me, and I try to make a story out of it.


I love consistency and support it as much as I can in my life, but I am bad at it – I’m always bad at things I should be good to, or would want to be good to.

So, starting with this, I thought about plenty of reasons why to keep this going. My personal life, documented – for myself or for the interested, and also my professional skills, which I want to give out knowledge and see myself progress. What I learn is important as much as when I do it throughout my life.


Currently I’m working something that’s out of the programming and development. It’s a great job-combined German Learning Course and service that I’m doing – by service, I mean that I’m waiter in the restaurant. Besides that, in my free time, I’m programming my current software project and video-game, that has no direction whatsoever, but just learning how to make things and mechanics, playing around with it. Sometimes I produce and compose music.

As the first post, I think I’ve said enough. Thanks for reading and hope you had some brain stimulation reading it.

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