Partyformer (Video Game)


The game can be and must be annoying. The levels are made to have easter eggs and surprises in them, along with annoying falls and heavy jumps.

Music & Sound

Along with the gameplay, there’s also a royality-free track on the background and few sound effects.

I’m using the sound system I wrote for ChaseDown, which is easy to use, sustains ambience and 3D surround movement.


I implemented my localization system, so the game already has 29 + English (United Kingdom) translated languages. Using my automated (Google) Translator. But the translations can still be updated by you, so check out my OneSky page. I self wrote all the translations for English, German and Romanian.


The UI is quite simple, but has a decent minimalistic look.

The settings are quite few, but enough. I feel there’s no need.

Level picker is also simple, but lists everything needed.

The in-game UI.