Major — City Of The U

Oh hey, it’s me with some more music! Wow!

Front artwork of “Major”
Back artwork of “Major”

It’s me at it again, with emotional breakdowns which happen to don’t only be sad breakdowns. “Major” is a record about pieces and sides of myself that I know for a fact that they suck. I hate the way my brain works in specific situations and how often unconsciously chooses to do, say or feel certain things.

You may download the whole album here and the cross-fade version here.

The Fuck

The album should feel wrong. Should feel off as out of sync and unprepared as it would possible be. At the same time, it tells the story in order and at the intensity I was feeling it.

Meanings & Backstory

Dear is the first song, chose to add it because I finished producing it last December, 2018. At that time is when I got emotionally fucked over by external and internal sources. It’s all influenced by one or many persons that came in my life. Dear also resembles the year of opportunities I had and good things that happened.


Dear has positive meanings and vibes, upbringing and remembering qualities and standards I had before the sad waves came by.


Sun is the middle of the events. It resembles a loop of excitement and disappointment because of expectations and overloading. Being offset and trying to get back to normal. Something way larger than myself got into my life and that didn’t feel right.


Moon is about dusty ending of things. Things that have felt amazing and hurt, they’re all over. Surprisingly, I miss feeling as amazing, even though it all came with hurting.

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