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Black Mirror

Just watch it, really. It’s a great anthology series which all episodes share one main thing: modern technology.

I’ve been fascinated with anthology subjects since American Horror Story. They are different, feel different and have different tones and themes, but they are inter- and sometimes, directly connected.


I found out about this series through an ex-friend of mine, which he recommended me to take a glimpse to Bandersnatch, a special Netflix interactive episode of Black Mirror. I fell in love with it real fast and as I finished 3-4 endings of that episode, I decided to watch the first episodes of the original show, which got me addicted very fast.

It was the first or second time I was using Netflix and switched watching to the Apple TV. Episode listing got me confused and accidentally watched the first two seasons backwards (season 1, from the last episode to the first, season 2 as well) and honestly it made everything so much more interesting. Being an anthology series, it didn’t matter and actually people debated the best and fun order to watch the series. But the subtle/hidden easter-eggs to future or previous episodes, made things satisfying to notice.

Music & Visuals

The music in the show and antiquity is fucking iconic. Everything fits perfectly. Fantastic shots, angles, color palettes. Pretty much everything’s breathtaking, and also the writing feels so smart and natural. The practical or CGI effects are stunning as well.

Mia, a serial killer, as she attempts to outsmart the recall machine.
Season 4, Episode 3 | “Crocodile”

I tried to pick my favorites, but I really do love all episodes equally much. I find interesting from the concept, intro to the whole development. It’s extremely satisfying and worthy.

Top Picks

Season 3, Episode 1 | “Nosedive”

Nosedive is a top pick of mine. I could say I relate the most. I emotionally flinched more to this episode than I did to all of them together. I love how at home Lacie lives with her brother, and the atmosphere is so casual, almost say “basic” of a lifestyle. Then she goes out where are all these people looking plasticized perfect to look good enough for high ratings. High ratings = higher priorities.

Bildergebnis für Playtest (Black Mirror)
Season 3, Episode 2 | “Playtest”

Right after Nosedive, Playtest episode fucked my mind to the core. How realistic the in and outcome has been, it really gave me shivers at the end of the episode, when Cooper died, confirming his play-time being 0,04 seconds. His brain overloaded and collapsed. Uh, still not over that episode.

Season 4, Episode 6 | “Black Museum”

Last episode of season 4, Black Museum can be considered really one of the top notch greatest episodes. It highlights Rolo Haynes giving Nish, a stranded girl waiting her car to charge up, a tour in his museum of authentic criminological artefacts, of his own criminal doings, rendering the episode as multiple story and events that occurred to multiple people he impacted. Plot twist, none of them end happily.


Bitch, what the fuck / 5

Would re-watch.


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