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Face-picking Habit Advice

I do not often notice people claiming they’ve got this habit, so I feel it’s not so spread or common, but I am usually wrong about what’s common or not so here’s what I’m going through related to this habit.

I still have it, for fucks sake. Yeah I am all that insecure and I want to move on from it. It is odd to give advice over something I’m currently going through and did not fix on myself, but here’s the deal;

It calms me. I consider myself a not-stressed-out kind of person but unconsciously it is because I have a tic/habit or something which fixes that for me, which it helps and that’s actually true. I am sure that’s related to what happened with my Nail-biting Habit from a few months ago. Solved one, emerged the other stronger than before. I’ve had this habit for years now.

As most of people my age (21 or something), I’m suffering of a thing named puberty and it behaves differently to different people. I shouldn’t write blog posts while feeling grumpy.

My Retries

I’ve been trying often to decide right before a new week begins that I won’t touch my face whatsoever to pick it. While working within the week, I realized later in the day that I began doing it again without noticing. That has happened way too many times and ignoring the habit really does not remedy the situation.


We clearly know at this point that just saying or considering “just don’t touch your face” is not really working here, so I’ve been thinking of actually focusing more on it and what my unconscious plans on doing. I am aware it feels ‘good’ for the moment, but it just makes me upset right after and every time I see myself in the mirror with shit on my face (not literal).

There’s that, please consider leaving a comment with your own thoughts on this or maybe solutions, help a bro human out.

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