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Good all of the above, reader. Over the past month, a lot has changed, but only in good.

@3rd September 2019
As a guy with huge anxiety problems, I’ve been through my personal hell, looking back the struggle and how complicated I made things seem for myself. Gladly at this point nothing seems to be permanently damaged based on the choices I’ve taken over the years, while going through those things.

I am referring to the chances and opportunities that came across to myself directly from loved ones and external sources, which now really feel that are wishes come true. I did put my input in everything and gave all I thought was enough to put the effort in.

My Job

@15th September 2019
I’ve had my job for over a full year now, and in my first year, I struggled with the attention I have to people not to judge me and feel anxious the things that seemed bigger than myself. I did welcome a few people I met throughout the year which I shared my story with, they got me and all have been very supportive with real advice.

As I put 2-&-2 together, in the recent months, I recalibrated the way I look out for and care about things. It is still a work in progress kind of situation, but at the moment, I have none of the main struggles I used to have while working or interacting with other unfamiliar people.


It is about confidence you have for yourself. If you know your values and that you’re valuable to yourself, you’re certainly valuable for other people too. That generally speaking, but personally, it makes a lot of sense. Why would anybody find me valuable if I’d think I’m not valuable or wasn’t valuable whatsoever? They still took care of me and my personal growth and development as I slowly stood up and have been productive for the common areas of life and business we began working on together.

Lots of people I got to know, including my dear boyfriend, believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. They knew I could’ve done more than I thought I could and they told me that, then even though it took me some time, I gathered confidence and motivation to look and see that I can do way more than I think.

Right now, I feel I can meet new heights and standards but not be afraid of them, instead, slowly work on myself and raise to them. If you’re good, your intentions are positive and you’re a dear person to people, chances are low anybody you’d think they’d hurt you that they will ever wish to hurt you.

I am very respected with the respect I give to the people in my life and that feels so unexpectedly overwhelming, allowing me to give them the good I mean and them understand my failures when they happen.

I love my family. And please know, it isn’t often when people want to take advantage of you, so try to positively open up to people, with good thoughts and without judging. Their intention might just be as good as yours. Disclaimer, that does not mean you to freely open up materialistically, I only mean that in a way of not worrying so much when new things appear in your life.

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