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Brich — City Of The U

It’s a pop ballad inspired by a rhythmic vibe of fun and happiness. Rough attempt at gathering my positive and confident self back, after the emotional storm that happened while writing “Major”.

In the long run, the song stayed in my mind for a while, meanwhile I was full of anxiety going through daily tasks and social life. The melody boosted me and reminded me and my values. In the process, mainly that took place in the end of August and through September 2019, I learned a lot about myself and why I should just chill out, because even though it feels like every person I meet is judging me, it’s all in my head.


I’m using my regular elements for effects and mastering, so I did for most of my previous songs. I love working minimal on my sound design, so I keep the base elements loud, but fewer as I can, and the bass fills up the spaces. The bass is like a separate song on it’s own, it has melody and worth, so not only makes the song’s beats sound better on a high end audio device / headphones, but give a whole environment. So if you’re used to listening to my music, you won’t miss vocals. I love detail.

I barely manipulate or reconfigure instruments, like, going through instruments and placing it over my melody. If it sounds good, I leave it as it is, which is 90% of the cases.


I’m using Native Instruments’ Kontakt, and I’m having a blast using it for more natural, raspy instruments, type of instruments that in studio would sound crystal clear, but with the small authentic details.

Lead 2

I use FL Studio 12’s Morphine for this one. Why? Dunno, I just loved the vibe it was giving.

Background Lead

It alone might sound awful, but put together, it sounds great. Too bad I forgot to include it throughout the song and not leave it play just half of the song, but oh well. Using Kontakt for this too.


Also using Kontakt, which is very irregular. I usually use the default Square instrument in FL and just set all the frequencies to low.

Drums & Beats

Previously, while producing Major, I used the default drum sound presets from FL, overlayering them until they have a good balance of bass and high pass.


Yeah, I intentionally wrote FXts because I thought it looked cool. For Brich I use only a main filter over Lead 2, which gives a good dynamic and makes the song feel less repetitive.


I don’t give stems in many occasions, but decided that it’s time to extend my work.

You can get them here. I’m open to collaboration, so hit me up in the Contact page if you will.

Oh, just a note

Here on my website, I have a Contains Cats blog post category. I should use it more often.

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