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ChaseDown — Devblog 10

Happy new awful year! It’s been a full month off for myself because reasons.

Hi, how are you doing? Alright? Great, idc. So here’s few quite cool stuff I’ve done in these 2 whole months.

Confetti Tampon

This is a real-life Easter-Egg which you’ll never know the context about. It’s basically a hand grenade which is a panda that inflates until explodes at a random rate, pushing things around and boosting healing health of the NPCs in range and the player as well.

Each time you drop him, he has different weapons on his body. There’s different types of his looks when he falls on the ground. It sometimes has glasses, terrorist dynamite attached, flowers and it sometimes sings demon children songs, then each time it explodes in agony! (I’m alright, stop calling the police on me.)

Bugfixes & Annoyance

I did some minor and major bug-fixing, covering stuff that really annoyed me that I saw in the game-play. No important changes have been added, but till March my plan is to finally get the game playable and enjoyable.


Added Confetti Tampon
Added Interact key back to the game + menu setting
Added Jewlery item category and few items
Added water edge blending setting
Added water quality setting
Fixed annoyance of interacting with objects and stopping player orbit
Fixed annoyance when player is mounted (press jump to unmount)
Fixed bedcrack sound definition playing over all outputs
Fixed Combat Logging before the player was spawned
Fixed F1 console log-based text colors
Fixed loading screen logo which was interactive
Fixed Water System bug which caused water tiles to not register
Updated Car controller system (gears, speed limit)
Updated Car parameters
Updated gauge HUD

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