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Password Condom

So, I got Dashline, which is great tbh.

Hi, I’m again visiting your eyes with the good content, how wicked’s that. Have you heard of Dashline? It’s pretty cool imo. If not, you’re probably being hacked /s. It’s basically a service which holds your passwords all well managed, generates when too old and secures all your accounts 100% (without the vague possibility someone might be able to hack you).

I’d guess you have the same password to most of your accounts over social media and stuff, which clearly is very insecure, since if that one password is snatched, someone has access to pretty much all of your shit. Dashline takes care of that.

Not sponsored! You can get like 50% off your Dashline Premium by using Honey extension which checks the internet for coupons for most websites you’d buy stuff from. I got my purchase from €39.99 to €19.99.

EDIT; As a Dashline Premium subscriber, you’ll also get free VPN.

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