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Humanlights.Launcher is a console hub, a “developer level” kind of application, which with validated keys, anybody can access, download or update available Humanlights Studios / Raul-Sorin Sorban applications and games.

Technic: The whole application uses a hard-coded system using Google Drive and JSON. The version checking files, patches and keys are hosted in Google Drive files, and the Launcher maintains logic and execution. The Launcher is obfuscated, so don’t even try hacking it. 👿

Only available for Windows. There might be applications/games that are available for other operating systems, but you require launching and downloading the OSX or Linux patches through Launcher on Windows.

Keys & Instructions

Similar to Steam’s system, keys are validated and licensed for an application or game. In this Launcher the keys can be reused, they not expire once they are inserted, they actually act like actual keys. You need the key code in order to access an application. Their format is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Here are few Test Package keys for you to try out before buying any keys:


Follow the next steps for knowing how to use the Launcher. Expected behavior should result as step 5. In the folder should be a file named test.txt.

Step 1

Download the Launcher, place the folder out of the archive and launch Humanlights.Launcher.exe for the first time. It should auto-update, then relaunch itself. It’s going to generate a .keys file, right in the root folder.

Step 2

Open the .keys file in a text editor (like Notepad), get a key, bought or found and/or paste it in. If having multiple keys, insert them on the each line.

Step 3

Once the keys are inserted, run Humanlights.Launcher.exe. It will list your keys and for what applications they are for, and on background it will create 2 more folders in the root folder. Batch and Shortcuts.

Step 4

Your interest are the shortcuts, is where you find your applications and their different branch patches (same application but different versions or extras for them). Double-click on one shortcut and view the console, it will display project information, patch found status and downloading process (speed, megabytes left, etc).

Step 5

Once an application has been downloaded, it will install itself locally, in the root folder, under Projects/Unpacked. Afterwards, the application will start up and the console will close itself.

Every time you launch an application that’s already downloaded and installed, will check for a newer version. If anything new, it will use the same process, as before. Download, install and launch.


There are few applications and games available for you to try out if you want. I added a payment method because I need to feed my 15 Persian cats and code AFTER my full-time job. Prices aren’t that high and the keys give access for a lifetime + custom support.

Check out what you could get here.

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