Roadmap — ChaseDown (Video Game)

The ChaseDown game roadmap. Even though I said this is a dumb and dummy project to try things out and nowhere close to release it officially, I still think it has gameplay-worthy features which can bettered.

〉 Now

Things that are planned to be implemented before anything else.

Crafting Removal

Was an experiment to try out how well it would work with the game idea I had, combined with Rust type of base game-mechanics. So, yeah.

Blueprint Removal

Related to the crafting system.


From the original idea of the game, shops are a must. Can only buy things with game currency (plot twist, expensive as fuck).


Add some uniqueness to the environment and mix it with city and nature.

  • Buildings
    • Building that can be accessed and entered.
    • Damaged buildings or building debris where you can find coins and money around.
    • Rooftop access.
    • Rooms
  • Nature
    • Trees that can be cut down and used for fire in your house.
    • Bushes can be collected by cutting them with a melee.
  • Trash
    • A lot of spots in the city where’s debris, miserable and trash on the ground, like bottles of water/soda, expired food and coins.
  • Electricity
    • Got rent bills? Say yes more! With the expensive electricity, you can fuck yourself now.


Add meaningful items and remove placeholders, and make them mostly interactible (since there’s no crafting system anymore).


Weapon advanced functionality – so you can do more things with a weapon rather than just shoot things. I was thinking about:

  • Unlocking
    • Shoot locks off a door to make it open.
  • Smashing
    • Can break into doors
  • Cutting
    • Able to cut stuff, slice and murder things. (No, it’s not a phase, MOM!)


Able to create plugins that just fuck up the game worse than it already is.


Driveable cars and lootable trunks.


Be able to teleport yourself from one far place to another in the city.


Guns or weapons that don’t really kill, but create force robust which creates push forces and throws objects or NPCs around, make them dizzy (allowing the player to loot them for a small period of time) or just make them fall asleep. Quantity > quality.

〉 After Now

Future ideas that are most likely going to be added in the game.

Fall Damage

With the access to the rooftops, with the full conscious of how awful of a person you are, stealing from other people, even homeless and beating children, you can now kill yourself!


Those are cool, aren’t they? Pedestrians, cars, police, homeless and people with their children walking the streets, entering buildings. Some of them are armed (even the ones you’d least expect).

NPC Stats

Static player testers/enemies have life, states and programmed intelligence (can get bored, tired, in a mood).

First Person

Default is third person, but can switch between the two.

〉 Later

If I’m still gonna work on the game at this time, I’m fucked.


Maps and items. Customizable maps, map saving and loading.


Decide to release the game, since the previous changes are so nice and interesting.

〉 Maybe

Under 50% possibility these ideas will make it in.


ChaseDown Net is a networking connection in-game, internet which can be accessed in the city, using Wiredown (WiDo) signals, with your laptop/phone. You can buy things, have an online credit card, create a company, hire people, access BrightDark (Dark Web), get hacked and murdered, hack pedestrians connected to your WiDo.

Wiredown (WiDo)

Internet access signals in areas of the city. Can be locked with password or unlocked and signal being poor. NPCs can stay in the range and steal or try to hack your WiFi— ugh, I mean WiDo. No worry, you can access their computer too, or just murder them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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