Rust Servers


Players:       100
Branch:       release
Connect:     connect
    • Use /backpack to open your death-persistent additional inventory.
    • Use /home (home name) to go home. Or /home add (home name) to set one.
    • Quick smelting is enabled!
    • Enjoy the 100k stack sizes.
    • Share your learned blueprints with people with /bs share (player name).
    • Use /where to find where you died last time.
    • BEWARE THE ZOMBIES, they kill you.
    • Get your own free 4 seated minicopter with /mymini.
    • To remove your minicopter, use /nomini.
    • Use /hover to do not crash and stuff.
    • Horses have a second seat behind the main one. Ride along!
    • Use /up or /down to upgrade your entire home.
    • Use /remove to remove objects / building blocks.
    • Use /newlift to create an elevator for your beautiful home.
    • Use /warp list to see what places you can warp yourself to.
    • Use /warp to (place) to warp to a place.
    • Use /bandit to teleport to the Bandit Camp. Use /outpost to go to Outpost.
    • Use /tpb to teleport to your previous location after warped.
    • Use /tpr (player name) request to teleport to someone.
    • Use /tpa to accept a teleport request or /tpc to cancel.
    • Use /ad to toggle auto-doors on and off.
    • BEWARE THE SHARKS, they’re murderous.