Hello, I’m Raul-Sorin Sorban, born on 15th March, 1998. I’m coming from Romania, born in Timisoara and grew up in a town with my grandparents. Since a kid I’ve been having a great time learning about my first computer(s); mainly got the interest because I was very good at breaking my computer and bringing viruses in it that would make the Windows not even boot up. Learned how to fix that by myself and slowly got to learn and catch interest into learning other things besides.

Professional Introduction

I’m very passionate and flexibly perfectionist when it comes to be doing what I love. For over 3 years I’ve dedicated most of my free time besides actual work to video-game and tool/extension developing. Programming in C# and writing Batch or Shell scripts, automating my processes and build executions for the plenty projects I’ve been working on simultaneously, so I’d say I’m giving time quality.

Professional Interest

I’m very much of a meta guy. I love to make things load up, extensions and tools that help developing projects and very open also to work on any other sides of projects, favoring user interface, bug fixing, testing and hot-fixing.


In 2017 I wrote 18 projects under Humanlights Studios and 7 more in this year (2018) until now. In the picture above is my contribution sheet on Gitlab, where I usually freely host all my private repositories.


I am in love with C# from a long time, and the way I got into learning it is quite surprising, since before getting into it, I was doing nothing close to programming; music production/composition and photography. I learned C# all by myself through the main reason I had to begin with, which was my dreamy interest on developing my own fancy dreams into video-games. Playable, explorable and interactive environments based on dreams of mine. It failed miserably, since learning C# with no logic idea of how it works, took me a long while- actually, just 2-3 strong months of interest into it, figuring things out very fast. I learn very fast when I’m in love with things.