So I’ve been thinking.

Free stuff is always cool, so that’s why I’m giving free keys even for paid applications and games! The only catch is that they work in particular days of the year, a range of days or are expiring until a certain date.

In order to use the keys, you need Humanlights.Launcher to download and update any content.


The game takes place in a world where criminal activity is treated as normal, the world being controlled by money and needs. People (NPCs) are & should be able to do the same things as you, interactive in plenty of ways. Trading items, doing missions which will benefit both, you and the other, hacking electronics, meet inside houses and explore events. Stay tuned for upcoming updates.

Birthday @ 15 March 00:00 – 23:59

Christmas @ 25 – 31 December


Side project with ChaseDown, Partyformer is a platformer party game based on levels, rich mechanics and tricks. Available on Windows, OSX and Linux.

Birthday @ 15 March 00:00 – 23:59

Christmas @ 25 – 31 December

City of The U (’15-’19)

Major part of my childhood and young adulthood I’ve been spending time creating music for myself. With the attempt to actually do something that would be public pleasing or okay commercially, I failed mid-way and haven’t tried since.

Music Albums @ Glove, Changes and Major